About Us


Devin Haney
WEDM is an acronym for William Everett Devin Miles (William Everett Haney and Devin Miles Haney) the founders of our company respectively. Devin Miles Haney a top amateur boxing standout and current WBC lightweight world champion. William Everett Haney a father, trainer and life coach that made this dynamic duo the success they are. WEDM is a family business, we are extremely passionate for.

Devin Haney
“I have been working out 2-3 times per day for many many years now. I’m a professional world champion boxer. I have to be very conscientious of anything I put in my body. WEDM products have helped my career tremendously. We launched WEDM to help other athletes and those people in general, that need unique help with energy and recovery. We at WEDM will continue to remain on the cutting edge of technology with respect to energy and recovery”.

William Haney
“I’m a professional boxing trainer and life coach to very high profile athletes and world champions. I have always been fascinated with energy and recovery and how the cannabinoid CBD can help with those two elements. With diligence and persistence we founded WEDM with a sole purpose. Providing clients with a trusted product that starts the day good and ends the day good is our motto at WEDM. Whether it’s generating energy for a workout or relief from old aching injuries! WEDM goes to every measure testing all products ensuring the best quality for each and every consumer.”